About US

I have no skin in the game so to speak. I am not a kennel owner nor am I an animal activist. Many years ago I loved betting at the dog track. That was over 25 years ago. I sort of lost interest and have not bet on a race live, although I got bored last year and bet on about 50 races online til I got bored with it. Sometimes you just want a little action. Fast forward to March 2017. Our Lab Scooter, having been put to sleep 5 years ago, was the only dog my wife, son and I had as a family. It was the day after the 5th anniversary of his death that my wife was nagging me that she wanted to go pet a dog. The local greyhound adoption agency was at the local Sams Club. After an hour I grew tired of the nagging and gave in. So off to Sams we went. She immediately connected with a very scared and timid dog. His story was he never showed any interest in racing so he wasnt even 2 years old. She immediately bonded with him, all the while while I stood there with arms crossed mumbling “NO NO NO”. I told her if I could get a boat, she could get a greyhound. We hadn’t been home 5 minutes and she was on the phone filling out the application. A few days later, the adoption agency told her Chris might be better off in a home with another Greyhound. She started to cry but I told her lets just get two. It so happens his sister Kelly was also available, so we adopted both Chase (FKA Ninos Cuzn Chris) and Kali (FKA Ninos Cuzn Kelly) Two members of the adoption agency brought them to our furever home on March 17, 2017, and it took about 20 minutes to fall in love with these two.
It is now months later, and to make this story short, we just adopted another Grey, Shooter (FKA TNT Executioner) who had a very great race line. We brought him home on December 16, 2017. I had triple bypass in August 2016 at the age of 53. I had zero patience for idiots and liars before the surgery, my patience level is -10 after the surgery. And boy have I found out that grey2k is a bunch of liars. Hell they even lie in their tax returns (form 990). I will expose that scam in the next couple of weeks.
I had not heard of Grey2k until recently, and found out they want to ban Greyhound racing in my state of FL. My personal view is I am leaning toward pro racing as I have found out these dogs are athletes and they love to run. One thing I heard from ani racing groups is that unprofitable dogs are put to death. As I have stated, I really know nothing of behind the scenes, but I have yet to see any mention of people adopting abused greyhounds and I have been in online groups with thousands and thousands of people. So why was I fortunate to get two that NEVER raced before they were 2 years old?????? I thought these dogs were assured certain death????