The Duping of the Florida Voter Part 1

Just sitting in the office on a day where nothing is going on except the Funeral of our 41st President a thought occurred to me, the DBPR Division of Pari Mutual wagering was in on this shenanigan as well.  The Grey2k Lobby Tony Glover was there until September 2017.  In July of 2017 12 dogs at the SAME track and SAME kennel tested positive on 18 occasions for minute (2-28 Nanograms per Milliliter or ng/ml) traces of a metabolite of cocaine, as you may or may not know, if you are drug tested for employment you may register up to 150 ng/ml.  Airline pilots do not test positive until the 150 ng/ml threshold is met.  Why that is allowed you may ask.  Contamination is everywhere, especially in currency, so modern testing standards allow for that.  You boyfriend is a coke head?  Well give him a few hugs or a kiss and get yourself tested and you would have that drug in your system.  Not enough to reach 150 ng/ml most likely.  What the hell does this have to do with greyhounds?

As you saw during the election in November there was a ballot issue to ban greyhound racing that passed due to 69% of Floridians believing the million dollar lies that radical animal activists put out.  The seed was planted well before then with the help of Tony Glover who was head of said State agency the oversees greyhound racing.  You see kennel owner Steve Sarras, whose dogs were the subjects of those 18 positive mentioned above thought something was amiss.  So under his rights he requested a split sample of one of the dogs and had it sent to an independent lab in California.  Mr. Sarras was thinking that the testing procedure was flawed (which was proven in court TWICE that they are) and that there may be the urine of more than one dog in the vial.  To his surprise the test came back that there was NO CANINE (DOG) DNA in that urine sample.  Someone had tampered with that sample.  Shortly AFTER that sample was requested, Tony Glover RESIGNED from his position at the State agency and went to work as a Lobby for Grey2k, the group that wants to ban greyhound racing worldwide.

Coincidence?  We think not.  Was a state agency really trying to help the activists get greyhound racing banned in the state?  We will let you decide, but here are the FACTS.  I personally emailed Senator Sean Shaw, Senator Kevin Rader, and a few others demanding an inquiry into this crime of tampering with a urine sample, no response.  I then filed a complaint with the Office of Inspector General of the DBPR a few months ago, only received a letter that my complaint was being looked at.  (that was over 2 months ago).  We emailed various major news sources (the ones that were all over the “drug scandal), no takers.  but Google “Florida greyhound cocaine” and you come up with hundreds of media articles all screaming drugging and “race fixing” when nothing is further from the truth.  The DBPR also refused to shut down the 23 hours in a cage argument which the activists were quoting a dead DBPR employee on an allegation that was NEVER PROVEN, but we all know john Q public would never do the research to find that out.  It also should be noted that the the industry was offering kennel tours but after several calls by Carey Theil the Grey2k shill, the tours were stopped by the DBPR as being against their regulations which until this point they had NEVER enforced.  It should also be noted that their head, Robert Ehrhardt issued this statement on the prohibition of kennel tours:


At issue is a worry over environmental “contamination,” which trainers and owners themselves have long complained about, Ehrhardt explained.

He recited a litany of dog drug-testing cases in which trainers argued that 25 separate caffeine positives and 24 cocaine positives “were the result of contamination,” for example.

Bearing in mind that “trainers have testified that kennel areas are susceptible to contamination,” Ehrhardt said, “allowing more people into the backside (of race tracks) would contradict the directive that the Division has received from the industry and increase the chance of contaminating the racing animals.

“This a risk the Division, and until this petition, the greyhound industry, is unwilling to take.”


All this after ONCE AGAIN being told by a Judge the testing procedures were invalid.  Mr. Ehrhardt’s ruling was NOT in response to the kennel tours, but retaliation for members of the industry exercising their “due process” rights under the US Constitution.  Evidently Mr. Ehrhardt left out the court FACTS that the contamination seemed to have occurred AFTER the dog left the trainers hands and was in the care of track and State (HIS) personnel.  Also the fact he chose to shut down the kennel tours but refused to order the Yes on 13 campaign to stop using this quote from the DBPR which obviously contradicts what Mr. Ehrhardt states was the reason the kennel tours were banned.


As you can see above, this was one of their KEY LIES to the Florida voter, which TWO court cases contradict, and Mr. Ehrhardt of the DBPR also contradicts in his letter denying the kennel tours.


Mr. Ehrhardt is a lawyer and the head of a State agency, but only enforced rules for one side, so we can assume Mr. Ehrhardt is anti racing in an agency that is supposed to be neutral.  I will boldly state that Mr. Ehrhardt’s action and lack of action if not election fraud, certainly bordered on it.  We did file a complaint on 10/3/2018 with the Office of Inspector General for an investigation into Mr. Ehrhardt’s conduct, but of course TWO months later have heard nothing.

Three departments of the State of Florida “helped” Amendment 13 to the ballot and pass.  First you had the political CRC AND Pam Bondi and her office lying to push it through the CRC, and then the DBPR-Dvision of Pari Mutual Wagering head Robert Ehrhardt helping the animal activists with his decisions and non decisions right up to the vote.  The cash strapped greyhound industry never had a chance.  Fortunately there is a neutral place where arguments on 13 can be heard, and none of the crooked politicians, State Agencies, or animal rights whackos will be able do lie and cheat their war to get their desired outcome.



‘No, dog. No!’ State rejects request for greyhound kennel tours


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