Sex , Videotape, and CRC LIES??? – PART 5 of a Series

Again Tom lee lying out his ass relying on 2 year old data which was ESTIMATED at best and the report stated that.

CHAIRMAN BERUFF: A follow up question. I did call the Secretary of DPBR, something like   that, that one, to ask the question of the financial impacts on the State because I was — I took, you know, I listened to the audience as they spoke and how it costs us more to regulate than what it generates and so forth.  And I was — his answer was, we take in more revenue than it costs to regulate that industry. So it is a little bit different than the — what you have said. So I am — and I had this discussion, what is today, today is Tuesday, I must have had it Thursday of last week or Friday, so it is very fresh in my mind.  So there is a disconnect between what you say and what I saw, so what how, what do you attribute that to?

CHAIRMAN BERUFF: Commissioner Lee. COMMISSIONER LEE: Well, I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t on the call, Commissioner, but I would love to debate the Secretary and I would love to see his books, because — and I would love to ask him how is it that his statements to you are in conflict with a letter that was written by his predecessor to Senator Young when we were debating this issue in the Legislature,  not this precise issue, but an issue relating to the decoupling issue in connection with the parimutuel.



So who are we to believe, charlatan paid for by HSUS/Grey2k Tom Lee who was quoting numbers from the Spectrum report which was a few years old and ADMITTED in the report that the numbers were ESTIMATED, or the ACTUAL Secretary of the DBPR???  You be the judge, but something stunk here on March 20, 2018, and it wasn’t the shit in the greyhound turnout pens.

Here is the whole wretched transcript from that night