Sex , Videotape, and CRC LIES??? – PART 4 of a Series

And here is the other LIAR Pam Bondi.  I guess when she was not stealing dogs from hurricane Katrina survivors, she was spinning some tall tales.  It should be noted here that I personally made a public records request for these cases she supposedly prosecuted.  There were none as confirmed by her office.  I then sent a request to SA13 (The State Attorneys office she worked in)  They stonewalled by requiring me to have the case #’s.  Well if I had the case number, I wouldn’t need to be asking them for the cases.  So I made no less than FOUR public requests DIRECT to Ms. Bondi on Twitter…………….CRICKETS.  So she LIED to the CRC about the testimony below.  When I then filed a complaint of her lies to the Office of the Inspector General for the AG’s office………SURPRISE no response.  Media are you READING?????  You want a story???



COMMISSIONER BONDI: Commissioner Lee, I just form this as a question. So I am sure that you are aware that I am a career prosecutor my entire adult life, and I am not
sure if you are aware that I have prosecuted many, many cruelty to animals cases, even when I was a Felony Bureau Chief and not taking cases, I would take those.
And I am not sure if you are aware that these are virtually impossible to investigate
by law enforcement and prove in a court of law  because they are well hidden and you basically have to get a search warrant, which is very difficult to obtain. And I am also not sure, I am trying to ask questions, if I may, Chair, that these dogs I have seen firsthand after the fact are scared to death of their own shadow. They are — it is inhumane, in my opinion it is cruelty to animals.  It is horrible. Are you aware that most of them are skin and bones when they are taken away from the dog tracks?
CHAIRMAN BERUFF: Commissioner Lee.
COMMISSIONER LEE: Thank you, Mr. Chair. I did not realize that you had in your — I
know you have been a career prosecutor. I didn’t realize you had done that many cases or I would have deferred to you. But I have seen some of these animals, and that have come out of these facilities.  And one of the most telling features,  Commissioners, about an animal that has been abused is, as Commissioner Bondi says, how it
behaves. You can tell by its behavior that it has been mistreated horribly. And these
instances have been reported time and time again by these adoption agencies that are
taking these dogs after their racing days,  after their racing eligibility has expired. So
I appreciate the question. Thank you.


So you have just read Part 4 of the CRC charade that put Amendment 13 on the ballot.  No public input considered as it was a political sham that the minority of good Commissioners could not stop even though they raised some very good issues that were blown in smoke by Crooked Tom Lee.  How else do you account for the FACT the one Commissioner questioned the absence of abuse reports?  And Pam Bondi lying out her ass about said prosecutions when I have seen they do not exist and also the assertion by Commissioner Coxe that there were no abuse reports like the testimony of the public indicated?  And Commissioner Schifino’s wish that he could have put everyone under oath to get the REAL TRUTH, WOW, how poetic is that now???