Sex , Videotape, and CRC LIES??? – PART 3 of a Series

As we move along with the transcript from the March 20, 2018 CRC sham, this next one is a real killer and a question MANY had about all the lies that were told mainly by the anti racing crowds that testified either on their own accord, paid by Grey2k, or just so stupid they could not even get the script right in their 2 minute time limit.

COMMISSIONER SCHIFINO: Thank you, Chair Beruff. Boy this was an issue and we all dealt with it and I happened to sit next to Commissioner Lee at the meeting in St. Pete and I think I slugged him about ten times at about 11:30 at night. You know, I remember we hear stories from very passionate people on both sides, right, and I imagine myself as a Judge or a juror listening to the argument, and it would go back and forth.  And I leaned over to Commissioner Lee at some point and I said, you know, I really wish I could take this group, put them in a real Senate hearing, and like you see on TV and Congress and have subpoena power under oath, you are now under oath and I would tell them all, whoever perjures himself is going to jail and make sure that happens, because when you listen, how could you tell who was really telling you the truth?  Either it is, either it works fine, you really, I had an incredibly difficult time. I hear you loud and clear, Commissioner Lee and your passion about it. I understand that, but I saw no, no data, no statistics. I would have loved to have heard from some law enforcement individuals that have actually gone in and investigated these facilities. Now, I understand and know a few people that have, they have done that, that are on staff with us. So I — I am not telegraphing or maybe a little bit of where I am leaning on this one, but if you could — is there any empirical data other than I understand the deaths, okay, we got the numbers in four or five years, they had those and explained them.  But I think this is a tough call, very compassionate, very passionate issue.  Certainly my heart went out to a lot of those young kids and — but certainly a very tough call for me see where I come out on this one.

COMMISSIONER COXE: With respect to what you characterize as the inhumanity, would the 66 Sheriffs and the Department of Public Safety and 20 State Attorneys and crimes on our statutes that make it a felony to abuse animals, why is that not done with the horrors we have heard?

COMMISSIONER LEE: There is a lack of regulatory oversight in this industry. They are already losing several million dollars a year regulating as it is.  We heard testimony in some of the public hearings about the fact that there is not a lot of visitation going on. I assume that a lot of this goes unreported because it is unknown to anyone. The only one privy to a lot of this is the owner or trainer and the dog. And in many cases the dog isn’t there to tell a story anymore, if they ever could.  So I don’t know, the industry has fought
tooth and nail every effort by the Legislature to create reporting requirements so that we could have the statistics and that is the reason they have, Commissioner, because they don’t want me to be able to stand here on the floor and quote you a bunch of damming statistics that would result in a unanimous vote.

COMMISSIONER COXE: Mr. Chairman, may I ask just one more?


CHAIRMAN BERUFF: Commissioner Coxe.


COMMISSIONER COXE: Commissioner Lee, I attended most of the public hearings and Commissioner Schifino was discussing this, who do you believe and everything else. What I didn’t hear from all the people, the hundreds of people who complained about the abuses to the animals, that any one of them had ever gone to law enforcement to complain about that abuse. Do you know why that would be?


COMMISSIONER LEE: I can’t speak for — for what they have done and what they haven’t done. I wish I had an answer for you. I just know that antidotally the evidence is clear. We have had legislation every year about all of these cocaine positives, the doping that is going on in the industry, and I don’t know why no one seems to be following up and taking an issue with this at the level that you and I might prefer.



Because, Tom, there is NO abuse, you lied of to the CRC panel, and that is clear from your answers.  Even Mr. Coxe asks the SAME questions the industry has been asking about all the people that have witnessed this abuse and have never reported it.  it is clear AGAIN that Tom Lee is lying out his ass once again.  You read this and tell me you come to a different conclusion, you CAN’T.  And to blame regulation, is pure bullshit.  Read the following from Senator Kevin Rader discussing the regulation of the industry, his argument makes Tom Lee the liar again.: