Sex , Videotape, and CRC LIES??? – PART 2 of a Series

We continue with the March 20, 2018 charade known as the Florida CRC on Proposal 67 – Amendment 13

ILLEGAL IN 40 States?  PLEASE DO tell us Mr. Lee



COMMISSIONER JORDAN: Thank you, Mr. Chair. I just have a quick question.
Commissioner Lee, you said 40 states have banned greyhound racing.
Was this by legislative act or have some of the states put it into their State
Constitution, and, if so, how many?


COMMISSIONER LEE: I do not know — I do not know what each state has done or in the aggregate, how they have done it.


COMMISSIONER JORDAN: Thank you. So do we know of any other states that have put it into their Constitution as an outright ban? No, you don’t know that?
COMMISSIONER LEE: I don’t know that any of it happened.



Of course not Tom, because you were just regurgitating the lie that Grey2k and Carey Theil programmed you to tell