Sex , Videotape, and CRC LIES??? – PART 1 of a Series

While perusing through the March 20, 2018 transcript of the CRC meeting before putting Amendment 13 on the ballot, I found quite a few interesting things.  mostly Commissioners presenting valid questions to Tom Lee about things (lies) that were told, and Lee either bulshitted his way through or just doubled down on all the HSUS/Grey2k lies that have been debunked on this site.  So here we go, this is long but worth the read.

COMMISSIONER SMITH: Another point that was made. You talked about reducing gambling and I am trying to follow that. So if a track now is losing money as we are comparing on greyhound racing, and they’re losing money and if you get rid of greyhound racing now the track has more money to invest back into the track which is now a casino, I don’t understand the logic of how taking away money lost for them will reduce gambling.  I would think that if I own a track and I am losing money on greyhound racing, but now you have taken that away and I can invest it back into my track which is now a casino, that I could get more people to come, thus increasing gambling. So it is hard for me to follow the logic of how this reduces gambling.



COMMISSIONER LEE: Well, I think the use of the term “casino” is misleading. There are no casinos in Florida. There are race tracks that have simulcast rights, they have some card rooms located in some of those parimutuel facilities. Down in southeast Florida where you are from, they — some of these facilities have been — have authorized slots machines, I believe by ballot initiative, but there are no casinos in Florida.  And these activities are being limited by the Legislature already, and I don’t think the reinvestment of any money that they may generate. Some tracks want to continue to do dog racing, some don’t. I don’t think any of the money that they would generate, there is any evidence has been presented anywhere along the way that it would be reinvested for the purposes of expanding gaming or that that would be authorized by the Legislature.


COMMISSIONER SMITH: There are not casinos, like in my area they are called
parimutuel facilities. Parimutuel meaning that they have some type of live racing. You get rid of that live racing, now what do we call them, places where you can play cards, gamble and play slots?


COMMISSIONER LEE: By definition the card rooms that are authorized there have to be parimutuel. They are not allowed to have bank card games. So the notion of parimutuel activity is gambling amongst people who also have skin in the game as opposed to playing against the house. So they would be still be parimutuel facilities


COMMENT: Sorry but Tom Lee is talking through his ass.  I have been an online poker and live poker player for over 15 years and NEVER have I heard poker described as Pari Mutual.  And what do you call Magic City CASINO in Miami Tom?????