5 Weeks to Go — Part One

With 5 weeks to go we just wanted to write a recap of the craziness of the last 8 plus months.  The ilk from Protect Dogs never thought they would get the push back they have encountered, and as they spend that 1.8 million on the TV lies they will show, the Pro racing groups, while short on $$$, will counter with the same amount of human capital.

It seems that every time they get debunked on one lie, they move on to another in rapid fire order.  Since the fine folks over at Florida Politics have actually been neutral and provided the pro racing folks the platform they deserved, the fight while still tilted, makes it easier to be heard.  The Pro racers didn’t have to bully either, which we all know Carey Theil does.  It’s the MO and there is proof that may eventually be disclosed.

Are you sick of hearing 23 hours and cruel and inhumane yet?  How bout “Warehouse style cages” which THEY also call cruel & inhumane.  Are you sick of that yet?  How about tainted meat?  Well we are going to let hopefully some of you on the fence in on a little secret they won’t tell you.  Their Co Chair Sonia Stratemann uses the SAME “WAREHOUSE STYLE CRATES” she calls cruel & inhumane at her “rescue”.  Oh speaking of such, she repeatedly tells any media that will listen that she has witnessed what can be describes as FELONY animal abuse for 15 years and has NEVER reported one incident.  How is this “person” a “Protector” of dogs if she is even telling the truth?  Oh and Friends of Greyhounds, an adoption agency that also claims the cruel & inhumane line not only uses the SAME CRATES but the SAME MEAT, as well as the same muzzles and same type of turnout area at their adoption kennel!

WATCH THIS and see what we are talking about here!

If you are on the fence on how to vote on Amendment 13, that should open your eyes as to the credibility of the FAKE Dog Protectors, the yes on 13 campaign of misinformation.  Not swayed you say?  We have more, go get your popcorn.

THEY like to harp on 474 or so drug positives since the beginning of man (ok so we are sarcastic 2006-2017 11 years).  During that time there were 471,773 samples analyzed.  So lets do the math, 474 divided by 471,773 EQUALS .001.  ONE ONE TENTH of ONE PERCENT.  But wait, the misinformation train runs deeper.  They like to point to cocaine positive like people are actually giving the dogs cocaine to fix races and make them run faster, which is so far from the truth, but folks who know these activists are never surprised by how far off they are.  OK inquiring minds want to know how did cocaine get in the dogs systems.  First lets tell you that cocaine does not make a dog run faster and can actually kill it if the right quantity is ingested.  Also any effect would wear off within 30 minutes of ingestion, keep that 30 minute number in your head.  Ok how did the stuff get in the dog?  it’s called environmental contamination.  What the hell is that you ask?  Scientific studies have shown that you can get contaminated by touching money.  Who would have thunk that since peeps roll up currency to snort the stuff through.  It is likely if you touched anything that had been used or touched by a coke head, you have Benzoylecgonine in your system, which is a metabolite of cocaine.  So how DID you pass that drug screening when you got your job?  Well let me clue you in to a secret, you are allowed via accepted standard scientific principals to have some in your system, as it is a scientific FACT the contamination does exist in our lives.  You are allowed up to 150 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) before your test triggers a positive.  You may not like this but airline pilots are allowed up to 150 ng/ml as well, but do not fret, that level is so insignificant as it would not impair their judgement.  Example??? A Grain of Salt is 391 times heavier than 150 nanograms.  Horses in horse racing are allowed anywhere from 75-150 ng/ml depending on jurisdiction.  I know you are waiting for the greyhound positives, how much, how much?  Well in the majority of the recent ones they were all below 38 ng/ml with most in the 15 ng/ml range.  

Well what triggers a positive in a racing greyhound?  10ng/ml which isnt a standard, its just the lowest measure the the University of Florida Racing lab can accurately measure.  TEN NANOGRAMS!  So you may be asking yourself why horses, people, and airline pilots can have 150 ng/ml in their system but here is no cutoff threshold for a racing greyhound??  Well you would have to ask the Florida regulatory body.  They are required by statute to have levels in place but for some reason refuse to which has been a contributing factor why their drug testing procedures have been ruled INVALID twice by two DIFFERENT judges.  The Regulatory body makes NO allowance for environmental contamination. Now the Protect Dogs yes on 13 fountain of misinformation will tell you environmental contamination does not exist, oh but it does by court facts and Statute, so once again they are caught LYING and twisting the truth to fit their agenda. So here it is in Statute 550.2415(1)(b) 

“The division may solicit input from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and adopt rules that specify normal physiological concentrations of naturally occurring substances in the natural untreated animal and rules that specify acceptable levels of environmental contaminants and trace levels of substances in test samples.”

Testimony in TWO court cases establishes that environmental contamination DOES EXIST, but the problem is the Anti race faction is still telling you it doesn’t.  Again, another credibility issue (they actually have NONE as you are finding out).  Briefly, the trainers hand off the dogs to STATE and TRACK personnel a minimum of 30-60 minutes before they race (didn’t I tell you to remember 30 minutes), the dogs in later races can be a few hours.  if you read the first court case I have linked below, you can see Dr. Tobin explain the race day process and one can read into his comments that the contamination could be coming from people other than the trainers.  Also he testified this as relates to contamination and thresholds for dogs

He noted that in human drug testing, a sample is first screened at 150 ng/mL and then confirmed at 100 ng/mL, at which point it is reported as positive. Dr. Tobin could think of no scientific reason why there should be a regulatory reporting threshold for humans but not for racing animals.


As anyone with common sense can clearly see, no one is giving the dogs cocaine to “fix races” as Carey Thiel the “Senior Adviser” the the Protect Dogs Yes on 13 campaign has accused.  it should also be noted that the head of the Regulatory body last year when a lot of positives were detected, Tony Glove, resigned shortly after a kennel owner, Steve Sarras, requested a split sample to be tested by an independent lab.  While all he wanted to see was if there was the pee of more than one dog, what he got was a much bigger surprise.  The sample tested contained NO CANINE DNA, in other words, the sample was tampered with.  Why is this a big deal???? Well one Tony Glover RESIGNED around the time the sample was requested and went to work as a Lobbyist for Grey2k, one of the principles with the Humane Society of the United States that has pumped in 4 million dollars to dupe the Florida voters.  Seems to me Mr. Glover has some “splainin” to do.

Report of tampered sample.

No glove on the hand (State Employee) on the stick and gloved hand touching his pants, NOT accepted collection protocol and ripe for outside contamination.

Thus far you have seen why we say the Yes on 13 people have NO CREDIBILITY, I think it is pretty clear.  But, if you are not convinced, there’s more fun and games so stay tuned for part TWO.

For more info visit www.supportgreyhounds.org

And vote NO on Amendment 13