More Laughables from the Antis

As if you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, it just has.  First the mantra of “Protect Dogs – Yes on 13” is that Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, but have failed to encourage you to go to a kennel and see the abuse for yourselves, while kennel owners at various tracks have been giving scheduled and accommodating SURPRISE visits from the public, who as smart Floridians do, go to see for themselves.

Next you have the whole 23 hours in a cage farce.  Really???  Think about it.  What if you were cramped in a space 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Would YOU be able to walk much less run a race?  As Floridians, common sense tells you no and that 23 hours LIE is NONSENSE.  But they hang their hat on the 23 hours thing from an old DBPR investigative report 12 years ago from a now deceased investigator.  The report which was prompted from “an anonymous tip”  resulted in no further action that we could find against the kennel whom the report was about.  That nonsense of 20-23 hours in a cage was the “opinion” of that investigator who was known by a few in the business to be anti racing.  Which brings us to the next doozie from the “Protect” people.


Their next grasp of the remnants of the Titanic, is to accuse the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Pari Mutual Wagering Division (The state Regulatory Body for Racing in FL) of covering up abuse.  We know they have at least convinced one unsuspecting reporter in Orlando of that far fetched idea.  I would think to the contrary as you had a DBPR regulator (Tony Glover) who was the head of the division when all the cocaine positives were manufactured and proven to be nothing more than environmental contamination(1), and the subsequent finding of a sample under his watch that was tested and contained NO DOG DNA.  So a sample was replaced somehow under his watch, hardly seem like a Pro Racing cover up.  Shortly after that sample was requested, he quit and became a Lobby for Grey2k, the people behind the”Protect Dogs” movement.  One would think that there are more anti racing employees in that body than people trying to cover up abuse.  While that is speculation on this persons part, the past actions don’t point to any kind of cover up for the hard working people in the Greyhound Industry, seems quite the contrary.

It just goes to show that it is the SAME PLAYBOOK, DIFFERENT YEAR for the LIARS and it shows no stopping anytime soon.  Fortunately there is a political organization out there looking to put a stop to the lies and attempts to fleece the Florida Voter. (


(1) Administrative Ruling vs DBPR DPW 3/7/2018