Who’s Protecting Who????

The response yesterday by the Grey2K/HSUS PAC, Committee to Protect Dogs  on the forming of a rival PAC was comical at best.

“This afternoon, greyhound breeders filed a political committee cynically called the Committee to Support Greyhounds. This is an obvious attempt to confuse voters, and proof that they don’t have a real message.

Like all the lies and misinformation you have thrown around for years is a “real message”?

“It’s worth noting that the chair of this deceptively-named committee lives in Texas, while the Treasurer lives in North Carolina. We will not be distracted by this out-of-state group.”

Like the rest of their work, they had done NO RESEARCH.  One actually is a resident here who currently is out of state and PAYS FLORIDA TAXES, the other has property and  valid business interests in the state.  But one would expect nothing less from the shill that is Grey2k.

So who is protecting who?  Seems to me they are using the dogs to protect their donations and income as they really don’t have a valid message.  Their first  “AD” has stolen and copyrighted material in it.  What kind of message is it when you can’t even come up with your own material?  And you guys paid 10 grand for that?  I hate to say it, but you got hosed, or was the agency somehow connected so you kept the money “all in the family”.

You all seem to be butt hurt that someone has dared step into your sandbox, well news flash, you are not the only game in town anymore.  You are not the end all be all when it comes to knowledge on greyhound racing.  You are NOT going to defame an industry of hard working professionals and hoodwink the people in Florida into believing your lies, oh no.  You will be banished back to MA like the charlatans you are.

Your past and present will BOTH come to haunt you.  Florida has a very large Jewish population especially on the east coast.  Do you think they are going to appreciate THIS past indiscretion from a past board member?

Auschwitz????? REALLY????  No apology or condemnation EVER came from GREY2k.

This same board member, obviously thinks her @#$% don’t stink because this is a wowser also

So she calls people who go to the track uneducated and of any other race but white?  When this is seen by millions in FL (and it WILL) I don’t think the rest of the population here will take kindly to the insult and what is inferred here.

Wait, there is more.  There are the supporters of these organizations in the form of politicians.  This quote from Florida Rep. Carlos Smith solidly classified anyone with the slightest connection to the industry as “SLAVE OWNERS”.  This is another view of these activists that will be seen by MILLIONS here in the coming months.

You don’t think a certain segment of our population here will resent that view???  You are quickly washing out your path to 60% here people.  I have lived here almost 25 years and I can tell you the demographics they just slayed, they will be hard pressed to get to 30% if this all gets into mainstream media, and believe me it will.

Before I close this long blog post that NEEDED to be addressed here are a few more

Eric Jackson Grey2K Board Member – Naples News Jan. 18,  2012

“We legislate others behavior all the time.  It used to be lawful to own slaves.  It was lawful to sell patent medicines that were at best useless, at worst deadly.  It used to be perfectly acceptable to beat your wife.   The same applies to greyhound racing, a cruel and inhumane “sport” the the public is increasingly unwilling to allow”

Comparing dog racing to wife beating and slavery?  That’s about all you need to know about these people behind Amendment 13.  Unless you represent bigotry, racism, anti Semitism, and class warfare, I do not see how you could follow these people and vote yes.