Something Stinks and it Ain’t the Dogs or the Kennels

Amendment 13 to ban greyhound racing in the state of Florida was passed to the ballot by the Florida CRC 27-10. With that lopsided vote coming after a narrow 18-14 vote. Many wondered what happened, why did some commissioners switch, why was this even a constitutional issue? Well one has to know the dirty history of the out of state animal rights group behind this. They have paraded up and down our shores convincing people the dogs are mistreated, when in fact they have not shown one piece of evidence to support their claim all the while a guy from Longwood has been visiting kennels and taking footage in these very same kennels where alleged abuse happens, and shows a vastly different picture.The public has been lied to and the industry defamed. The activists claim the dogs are drugged, scientific evidence proves their claims to be false(see my other blog posts on birth control and cocaine), but the people and media still believe, even in the face of experts Veterinarian opinions to the contrary(see letters of experts on this site).

How far will they go to push their agenda? Well look at the first link below. A sample taken from a racing greyhound that tested positive for trace amounts of cocaine was sent to an independent third party lab and lo and behold, there was NO canine DNA. This means the sample was tampered with. The Lobbyist for that animal rights group used to work for the governing body of Greyhound Racing in Florida, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation – Pari Mutual Division. So you have the activists and their Lobby that used to regulate the sport on the same side. Why is this significant you ask? Well how did that sample get tainted? I am sure the person still has contacts with state personnel who work currently at the track. The Director of the activist organization was whoring his opinion that “this is the greatest scandal ever” and “this is race fixing” when the positives were reported , made this one of the main focal points as to why racing should be banned. Surely a Lobbyist who cant seem to follow the law(He has numerous traffic citations) , and an outright bald liar wouldn’t stoop to such a level to push their ill fated agenda on Florida voters now, would they? Enter Senator Tom Lee, the architect of amendment 13 that when always asked questions, can not seem to answer and always defers to the activists or his friend Pam Bondi, who is also as crooked as the day is long. Now surely the Lobby and Mr. Lee had to have had conversations about this proposal. I have made a public records request so we will see, but something stinks in the kennels, and it ain’t the dogs.