Ahhhh – The Good Old Days

Ah the good old days. Not necessarily what you think. I am talking back about 5 months ago when my Facebook profile had stories of recipes to try, video of my first two greyhounds being goofy or cute, talking sports with my friends, bitching about work and everyday life. Little did I know what was to come months later. Politically, yes I voted for Trump cause he was the lesser of two dimwits that the parties presented us YET AGAIN. As many of you know, I tend to be in the middle and am NPA here in FL. I unfriended all the delusional friends that equated the election of our current president with the deaths of 911, I could not have unhinged people like that in my life, I got a lot more cranky, impatient, and intolerant after triple bypass in August 2016. Oh yea, back to the story of how I got here in this mess that is a second full time job. I have NEVER been an activist for anything the last 55 years of my life, never really cared as I figured I’d let the radicals handle that kind of shit, I had better things to do.

Fasst forward to I guess around December when a member of the adoption group we got Chase, Kali, and Shooter from mentioned there were people trying to get rid of greyhound racing in FL.  At first I gave it no thought as I had not stepped foot in a track in over 20 years.  Hell when I lived in Wisconsin I took my girlfriend who would eventually become my wife to the Dairyland Track on a date.  Big Mistake.  The dogs bumped around the first turn like they typically do and she started crying.  She doesn’t like racing but she doesn’t think it needs to be banned either.  She was at the Cape Coral CRC meeting where she was amazed at the anti racing peoples lies and misinformation, and I will tell you she may be one of the most unbiased people I know.  Ahh, that brings me back to why I am here writing, doing what I am doing, taking an ungodly amount of time from this thing we call life and basically trying to destroy  a fraudulent non profit organization.

You see where I come from (The Midwest) we actually have a work ethic, unlike the two east coasters I am about to discuss ( no offense to the REAL working east coasters).  After the adoption person told me about the campaign too ban racing, I decided to do a little research.  I do alot of research in my real job, I have to to make myself better than my competition.  Along with that I am required to maintain the highest standard of ethics, that is a big sticking point with me.  I expect others to have the same high bar even though we all know it doesn’t work that way.  So I started researching on the Grey2K USA thing, and lo and behold, the more I dug, the less I liked.  I read about how they duped the voters of MA to decimate the greyhound industry there.  But I am a thousand plus miles from MA, what do I care?  Well I didn’t until I came across the story where they fucked with the Ronald McDonald House.  I wont tell the whole story here but you can see for yourself here,  or the overseas nut jobs here.  The Ronald McDonald house is a charity we fully support, so to say I was pissed off was an understatement.  I figured if these people could do this, they were not credible human beings, bullying a children’s charity to push your agenda is not the sign of a civilized human being.  The further I dug, the greater the stench, like a Waste Management landfill.

In looking at the founder and her past and story, it started to make sense.  Go figure, a lawyer with no ethics who makes up a story from her accident even though she testifies in court that she was knocked unconscious and remembers nothing from that day.  Then obviously has an abusive relationship per the restraining  orders she filed against her boyfriend at the time.  And she says she did not throw herself in front of the train on purpose.  Anyways, she tells the story to hundreds if not thousands of media outlets that she had an epiphany to save dogs, hallelujah Jesus!  The whole basis of the epiphany is the accident story which pulls your heart with the lies of the dogs being mistreated that gets you to hit that donate button.  Didn’t they throw a guy in jail recently for posting on GoFundMe that he had cancer, and when it was found out he was lying, got thrown in jail for fraud????  This “epiphany” sounds like the same fraud to me. So I guess after the abusive boyfriend she had to get another shady character in her life but, a non violent type with half a brain and not a gun owner who was good at telling lies like she does.  Enter Carey Theil.  This guy wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if someone was holding a gun to his head.  Whats the saying if you tell the lie enough times, people will believe it?  That has to be hanging in their office somewhere.

Another one who is the media whore screaming about “race fixing” “doping” “the dogs are on coke” and “you cant get coke residue from a $20 dollar bill”, yes HE REALLY SAID THAT.  Every time Thiel opens his mouth it seems like that stench from the WM Landfill coming out, it’s that disgusting.  I am in a business where I can not do that, so of course the tactics Mr. Theil uses are irritating.  The funny part is the politicians who spew the same shit and don’t even know what they are talking about.  I did the research and know Mr. Theil is full of shit every time he opens his mouth except when he gives his name, and who knows he may be lying about that.  Him and Christine have never met a lie they didn’t like.  The scientific evidence I post on this site to refute the lies are NOT MY OPINION, like their spin doctor Fred Barton, they are FACTS, well maybe the landfill part is my opinion but the smells are similar.  The funny part is they have to lie to survive.  No conflict, no DONATION dollars.  See they both work full time and draw $106k/year between them, they do no other “work”.

Well after all that I do care.  My mission is to end Grey2k regardless of racing ending here or not.  By taking this stance I have met hard working blue collar type people, like those from where I am from.  no matter how much income my wife and I make, those are our roots.  The people I have met in person and online are honorable people that would not lie to save their industry, no, they would admit it stunk and probably move on.   Some can’t as they are third or fourth generation and that is all they know.  I know if my profession was taken from me I have no other skills to make the living I do now, and I have 30 years at my profession.  I have been part of secret groups, and believe me if I found out abuse, I would turn on these people in a heartbeat.  I don’t think it would come to that.  These are hard working people who care about what they do and who they take care of.  Just because some do not have higher educations or come from money is no excuse to take away their fucking livelihood with deceit, misinformation, lies, and fraud.  Yes I used the F bomb, that is me.  I have tried to stay somewhat professional in my endeavors at grey2kscam.com, but it may be time to go nuclear.  Why, because I have come to like the people I associate with, the new friends I have made, and when you talk to them they don’t hand you a line of bullshit, nor do they take out their personal tragedies on others to make them miserable, or destroy them to make themselves feel better for their failures.(Christine and the lady from FL, you know who I am talking about).

As you can tell I don’t like Grey2k and their merry band of thieves.  I didn’t wake up one day and decide that, I found it.  I don’t like liars, cheaters, and/or thieves, and this ‘Non profit” fits all three, imagine that.  Proven liars, but as I said before, if they tell the truth, they would be out of business.  And there is the irony, live by the lie, die by the lie.  You’ve been living the lie life, now you will die by the lies, that is true for everyone.  Grey2k and your followers, if there is a hell, you will all be deposited there someday.