The Lying Media Expose – Part 1

This so called “article” appeared in the November 7, 2017 edition of the Miami New Times.   I believe this is the main thorn in the side to the racing industry these days.  The general public will not research anything in these types of defamatory articles, and make no mistake, this IS defamatory journalism and the people and places that publish it should be held accountable.   This type of defamatory journalism could cost the state and the individuals defamed by it millions.  If people take articles like this as gospel, and then go vote based on this inaccurate and defamatory information, it could cost innocent people millions, the state millions, and not to mention hardship for those working in any industry defamed by this type of garbage journalism.  Garbage journalism you ask?  Yes, and I will prove it as we pick apart the inaccuracies in this article.

This article can’t even make it past the opening sentance and we quote:

For years, Florida greyhound trainers have been allowed to drug female race dogs with performance-enhancing anabolic steroids. Though the trainers claim the drugs are little more than “birth control,” state lawmakers are now pushing to ban the practice.

This opening line is good for a million against this rag right off the bat.  I don’t need to post my article laced with FACTS from the most esteemed Vets in the USA, you can pull up this post which I think more than adequately debunks the above lie by this journalist here, but lets take the important excerpts:

This topic is addressed in the internationally recognized greyhound care textbook “The Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound.”  In that text which is widely considered the Bible of greyhound health, Linda Blythe, DVM/PHD writes, “Preventing a greyhound female from cycling actually prevents damage to her musculoskeletal system and keeps her from injuring herself.”  The textbook notes that male hormones are regularly used to prevent estrus in show dogs and hunting dogs.

-Dr Bradly Fenwick letter to Tuscon Greyhound Track September 10, 2012

Hmmmm, regularly used in show dogs and hunting dogs?  I would imagine the rules in show dogs would not allow if performance enhancing no?

Further from the article:

However, studies have shown these hormone-derived drugs not only enhance race performance but also can cause adverse health side effects in the dogs. To address animal welfare concerns, state Sen. Dana Young and Rep. Carlos Guillermo-Smith last week filed two pieces of legislation banning the use of anabolic steroids in greyhound racing.

Please see quote from Dr. Fenwicks letter above. Where is your proof Ms. Gomes to back this up????

“Florida is one of only six states left that still allow greyhound racing.”

WRONG AGAIN, Greyhound racing is banned in ONE state, ID, the others wagering is banned, not the sport itself.

Here is the dumbest statement from this “article”

When they’re not racing, they’re often crammed into kennels for 20 or more hours a day or kept outdoors without heating or air-conditioning.  

Do you heat or air condition the outdoors when you let your dogs out to play or go to the bathroom?  Or better yet, since supposedly they are inside 20 hours a day, wouldn’t it be better to be inside more in the Florida heat?  Contradictory to say the least.  Do you REALLY think a dog could have the kind of muscles they do and be in the kind of racing shape if they were confined and abused?????

However, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual, “longterm suppression of estrus by using androgens is not advised, because it is not documented to be safe in breeding bitches,” adding that “safety and efficacy of injectable testosterone, as is practiced commonly in racing greyhounds, has not been supported by controlled studies and is not advised.”


From Dr. Robert Gillette, DVM, MSE

Hmmm, the SAME Merck Manual and quoted by an EXPERT NOT a lay person who did you get your quote from Ms. Gomes.



Earlier this year, state regulators found that 12 racing greyhounds in Jacksonville tested positive for cocaine. Their handler, Charles McClellan, continued to work with animals at races until June 9 but was ultimately suspended.

The dogs were affected by ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION.  The dogs were not rolling up dollar bills sniffing coke, and the trainer, who may have been a coke head himself, was NOT injecting dogs with coke, otherwise they would die.  Coke has NO performance enhancing effects on a Greyhound.  You can read EXPERTS talk about it in my blog HERE.  And if that was not enough, how about another EXPERT, Dr. Thomas Tobin who specialized in cocaine and environmental contaminates in horses.  Here is what he had to say about all the positives and we QUOTE:

“The levels of benzoylecgonine found in the Florida dogs would not be unusual for animals that were exposed to cocaine in their surrounding environment. Tobin said racing greyhounds are under the control of the racetrack for a few hours before each race. He said cocaine is a quick-acting drug and would no longer be useful as a performance enhancer by that time.”

– The WV State Journal 8/7/17

Boy we got this far without mentioning Carey Theil.  Here is his most UNEDUCATED quote on the birth control issue:

However, Carey Theil, executive director of Grey2K USA, says that’s not true: “It’s total nonsense. They’re just trying to confuse lawmakers and the public by calling it ‘birth control.’”

REALLY CAREY???? Where is the DVM designation after your name.  Where are your credentials or evidence to even talk on the subject?  Why doesn’t he come out with EVIDENCE to the contrary of Doctors like Gillette, Fenwick, and Blythe?  BECAUSE HE CAN’T.  He is a liar and should be held to it by being prosecuted here in FL under State Statute 836.


This is like a broken record, time after time after time.  Why don’t these media outlets actually research and print the truth????  I have no idea, but with certain people in the industry we are about to find out.  Lawsuits and criminal complaints under Florida State Statute 836 are not far away.  That may be the only way to discredit and get rid of “The Worldwide Leader In Lies & Fraud” and the politicians like Tom Lee, Dana Young, Randy Fine, and Carlos Smith who have quotes the same lies.  We have sent an inquiry to the FL Attorney Generals office to as how to go about filing complaints and who would prosecute against these crooked politicians for their violations of FL Statute 836, we will keep you posted.  If the industry is dying as they say, it deserves the fighting chance to either recover or die on it’s own, without the help of radical animal activists, lying politicians, or a misinformed brainwashed public.