A Grain of Sand Is Way Smaller Than A Hill of Beans

25 NANOGRAMS is a measure of weight. How heavy is 25 nanograms?

-It’s about one-two-hundred-thousandth as heavy as a Grain of Sand.

In other words, 25 nanograms is 0.0000057 times the weight of a Grain of Sand, and the weight of a Grain of Sand is 180,000 times that amount.

-It’s about one-two-thousand-five-hundredth as heavy as a Grain of Salt.

-It’s about one-ten-thousandth as heavy as a Poppy Seed.

-It’s about one-twenty-five-thousandth as heavy as a Grain of Sugar.

In other words, the weight of a Grain of Sugar is 25,000 times 25 nanograms.
Why am I harping on nanograms?  Well when racing greyhounds are tested for drugs, that is the measure of weight that is used.  Recently we have heard of a trainer who had 17 dogs test positive for benzoylecgonine, which is what is measured by the lab for cocaine in the urine.
 We have seen Carey Theil of Grey2K ” The Worldwide Leader of Lies”, running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off saying the industry has a problem.  Just a few of his quotes:

“That is breathtaking in its scope,” Theil said. “It is simply the largest greyhound drug case in American history. In addition to that, the facts in this case do suggest that this is a race-fixing case.” – News4 JAX 7/3/2017

But Carey Theil, executive director of the anti-racing group GREY2K, said the Florida doping scandal raises red flags about the treatment of dogs within the greyhound racing industry.
“We’ve never seen a (doping) case this big before,” said Theil. “To me it looks like a race-fixing case with one of the most prominent members of the greyhound community in the country.” – The WV State Journal 8/7/17

Carey Theil is NOWHERE close to being an expert, much less a DVM.  So let’s see what REAL EXPERTS had to say:
Thomas Tobin, a toxicologist, pharmacologist and veterinarian who serves as a professor at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, said the levels of benzoylecgonine found in the Florida dogs would not be unusual for animals that were exposed to cocaine in their surrounding environment. Tobin said racing greyhounds are under the control of the racetrack for a few hours before each race. He said cocaine is a quick-acting drug and would no longer be useful as a performance enhancer by that time. – The WV State Journal 8/7/17

So Theil in his infinite wisdom claims race fixing, but the expert says the drug would have no effect.  Who do YOU believe?  Ok anti racing peeps, you want more TRUTH shoved down your throats???  Here ya go:
Scott Stanley, a toxicologist with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, told First Coast News that “there are no studies performed by reliable research investigators” showing that cocaine enhances a dog’s performance. If anything, exposure to cocaine in dogs can lead to seizures, rapid heartbeat, and elevated blood pressure, among other behavioral anomalies. According to one veterinary text,. -Washington Post 7/6/17

According to the ASPCA (I love using their stuff against them) An animal may develop signs of cocaine toxicosis in as little as 30 minutes after exposure. Animals often present initially with CNS excitement (i.e., hyperactivity, erratic behavior, seizures). Other signs may include vomiting, hypersalivation, hyperthermia, tachyarrhythmias, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and death. After the initial signs have subsided, pulmonary edema or pneumonia may develop. – http://aspcapro.org/sites/pro/files/k-vettech_1003_0.pdf 

As the activists would have you believe, trainers are coking up the dogs to enhance performance.  If you actually have common sense, and have read this far, how could anyone say that?  Oh that’s right, Theil and Grey2k would lose out on donations if they told the truth.  As stated above by Dr. Tobin, the effect would have worn off before they EVEN RACED.  This is how low and far “The Worldwide Leader in Lies”,  Grey2K will go to distort, well its not even distortion, it is outright lies and FRAUD.  Oh and it doesn’t stop there.  Take a look at the minion Florida politicians they have paid off and injected with the Grey2k Kool Aid.  here is a mailer from Florida Republican Senatorial Committee (AKA Dana Young masked).  Dog / kennel owners should sue the crap out of this organization for defamation, not to mention filing an ethics complaint against Ms. Young.

Then we have Carlos G. Smith and his uneducated handiwork. “Wow,” said state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, an Orlando Democrat, when told of the language. “Only in Tallahassee would the industry solution to the epidemic of cocaine and steroid use in greyhounds be to legalize cocaine and steroid use in greyhounds.”
“This proposal is going nowhere, but it’s also really disturbing,” Smith said. “And we are supposed to trust these people with greyhounds?”
Carlos, are we supposed to trust an uninformed person like you to make the laws? NO.
And this jewel from “The Worldwide Leader in Lies” themselves.


As you can see the propaganda FRAUD machine between the activists and dirty politicians doesn’t sleep.  Oh, lets get back to the 25 NANOGRAMS.

Here are the results from that trainer who had 17 positives with the sample number and the concentration of benzoylecgonine, ALL less than a grain of sand.

133562 10.7 ng /mL      133672 36.5 ng/mL        133738 21.6 ng/mL
129855 19.7 ng /mL      129871 14 ng/mL           134756 11 ng/mL
134773 23 ng/mL          129922 15 ng /mL          134880 11 ng /mL
134538 11 ng /mL          134562 15 ng /mL         134617 11 ng /mL.
134637 18 ng/mL           146800 11 ng/mL

130120 13 ng/mL     130145 24 ng /mL     130199 12 ng/mL

The majority under 15 nanograms and one over 25.  Humans test positive at 300 ng/ml and at 150 ng/ml on confirmatory tests
Benzoylecgonine (BZE), the major urinary metabolite of cocaine in horses, is often identified and “called” at “trace”-level concentrations in post-race urines. This report sets forth the relationship between such trace level identifications of BZE and the status of cocaine as a significant environmental contaminant. In the United States, paper currency is commonly (“highly”) contaminated with cocaine. In one study of 136 dollar bills, 79% yielded readily detectable cocaine, 50% carried microgram amounts, and 1.3 mg were recovered from one bill.  Because of the presence of cocaine in the environment, human workplace drug testing uses cutoffs or “limitations” designed to exclude BZE identifications resulting from innocent environmental contamination. These cutoffs are 300 ng/ml in screening tests and 150
ng/ml in confirmation tests; results below these cutoffs are not “reported out” forensically.  From Dr. Tobin
– https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/e6f4/2d1c2a90e6d1c69448de396281297c77fc41.pdf
So the problem here seems to lie with kennel workers who have a drug problem, or as noted above, environmental contamination or maybe something else?.  The dogs are not being INJECTED or JUICED and anyone who claims this should be sued for defamation, or in the case of Carlos Smith, Dana Young, Tom Lee, and Randy Fine, ethics complaints should be filed.  Have you seen them or the activists post any kind of reliable sources like we have here? NO, NONE.
After reading this one should ask the question, “What are their real motives behind all the lies and fraud?”  There are no opinions here, just fact, and the politicians and “The Worldwide Leader in Lies” Can not swallow that.


Dr. Tobin’s credentials.

Add On:  Unfortunately the greyhounds have no  cutoff.  Any reading > 10 ng/ml is reported as a positive.  This needs to change, but all the politicians and anti racing people oppose it so they can make a hill of beans out of a grain of sand.