Birth Control, again debunking “The Worldwide Leader in Lies”

So in rifling through all the crap in this racing fight I came across an article from the top spin doctor at Grey2K “The Worldwide Leader in Lies”.  As we go forward here, lets remember, the only DR definition Mr. Barton has is “Spin”.  So I come across this so called “article” (link at end of this post)

Steroids: Putting Greyhounds At Risk For Profit

Well I had to take a read as it talks about estrus and the cycling of a dog in heat, which I will admit I have not done as much research as I did for the cocaine claims.  But nonetheless, I have a couple of good pieces that based on the biographys of the authors (not to mention all the designations after ones name), I believe I can rely on to once again show “The worldwide leader in Lies” lives up to it’s name.  Don’t get me wrong, Fred is a good writer, which is why he is good at making the lies and spin look legitimate, it’s just that he is naive in thinking that someone won’t come up with the real experts views that dispel the crap that he puts out.  Case in point, from the article title mentioned above:

“While they are still classified as such, ARCI rule 018-020 (16), which was quietly added on December 8, 2017, states, “Any usage of anabolic steroids involving racing greyhounds is prohibited, except that the administration of oral, or as otherwise prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, testosterone shall be permitted for the control of estrus in female racing greyhounds provided it is validly prescribed and properly labeled.” Only the greyhound industry would be so bold to both prohibit and allow a serious narcotic in the same set of guidelines.


So basically the above statement says that the small amounts used in dog birth control are ok (as you will see the EXPERTS agree) but do not try go go beyond that standard.  Fred makes it sound as if they are hypocrites, that from a hypocritical organization.


Funny, Dr. Gillette references that SAME Merck Vet Manual that Fred Does.  Who’s interpretation are YOU going to believe, a writer with absolutely no Veterinary accreditation, or Dr. Gillette, DVM, MSE.  I don’t think I need to answer that for you.


My research didn’t stop with one, no, good research needs another source, so how about Dr. Bradley Fenwick, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVM.  Seems like a credible chap no?  From Dr. Fenwick:

“There is absolutely no clinical evidence that the use of testosterone to delay estrus in female racing greyhounds i s harmful to the dogs when given at the right dosage.  Racing dogs that receive this treatment remain healthy, perform well, and experience no difficulty returning to their normal reproductive status when their racing careers are over”

” This topic is addresses in the internationally recognized greyhound care textbook, “The care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound”, whick is widely considered the Bible of greyhound health, Linda Blythe, DVM/PhD writes, ” Preventing a greyhound female from cycling actually prevents damage to her musculoskeletal system and keeps her from injuring herself.”   The textbook notes that male hormones are regularly used to prevent estrus in show dogs and hunting dogs.”

Hmmmm, The Care of Racing and Retired Greyhounds book.  Where have we heard that reference?  Oh right, the Grey2k article.  Maybe Fred was missing pages????

Again, I am more apt to take the two doctors interpretation of both books, than a guy who has no animal medical accreditation.


A final quote from Dr. Fenwick

“Based on my own veterinary expertise as well as the references I cited here, I am confident that you do not place the health and welfare of female racing greyhounds at risk by administering male hormornes to prevent estrus during their racing years.”


Once again, a WHOPPER from “The Worldwide Leader in Lies” and its main Spin Doctor Fred Barton.