I have been wanting to address this for some time, but it seems there is a new lie to address almost every day from the Worldwide Leader in Lies (G2K).  Back in September I was not even in this fight, if someone would have asked me who Grey2k was, you probably would have got one of my signature questions (Who the F$%k is that??).  No at that time time we were scrambling with two newly adopted Greyhounds to find a sensible evacuation place.  As a weather enthusiast and trained storm spotter, I had been keeping an eye on the storm.  needless to say when we left that Saturday for Orlando (Who knew the Westgate took dogs???), I cried and said goodbye to the house because of the track up the coast that was forecast, but fortunately never materialized.  Not even aware of the pro/anti racing thing, I had no thought about the kennels at the tracks, I was just worried about my family and pups.

Well after seeing the losers who follow Grey2k I felt now was as good of time as any to comment on this article below.  From this article

According to Jan Vasquez,

The greyhound community in the US is collectively holding its breath and awaiting the oncoming devastation Hurricane Irma may bring. At every track in Florida, kennel personnel are preparing to ride out the storm, sacrificing their own safety, to care for the thousands of greyhounds in their charge. We pray they remain safe throughout the upcoming week and come out unscathed.

As of Friday morning, 9/8/17, at 9:30 am Eastern time, the self-proclaimed protection group out of Arlington, MA has not posted ONE WORD of concern for the greyhounds they purport to protect, nor have they offered one penny of financial assistance. Their primary focus today seems to be the promotion of a calendar to raise more donations for their own coffers.

So the “organization” that purports to actually give a shit about Greyhound WELFARE, was begging for donations not caring about the impending doom if that storm had run up the coast as forecast.  I see nothing from the Florida legislative tools either (Carlos Smith, Tom Lee, Dana young, Randy Fine).  These tools are always posting about “SAVING” the greyhounds.  Where the EFF were YOU that early September day in 2017???  Nowhere to be found, because as hypocrites, neither you or Grey2K offered a damn bit of help.  While offers of help poured in on social media from total out of state strangers, losers from the Grey2k minionship (and yest after seeing this comment they ARE LOSERS)

Peggy Alexander, you are a sorry excuse for a human being, your mother should have swallowed or your father should have worn a condom.   Sorry but this just pisses me off.  I know it doesn’t show the restraint that should be shown, just sometimes you gotta call the spade a spade.

So once again Grey2k and their bought politicians went into hiding.  it seems that is what they excel at.  Fortunately for us and the tracks close to the west coast, Irma made a right turn and spared the coast and went away, something I am sure everyone wishes for Grey2k and the crooked four.(Smith, Young, LEE, Fine)