What I learned Yesterday 2-17-18

I was part of the group that helped organize the Anti Grey2k rally at the Naples-Ft. Myers dog track yesterday.  I hadn’t stepped foot in a track in over 20 years.  There were at least 20 people that came out.  One I personally knew from the group I adopted my 3 retired racers from, and 4 or 5 that I only knew from this endeavor on the internet through Facebook, and quite a few people that I had no idea of who they were, they came from the track.  First I met a racing dog owner who has dogs at a few tracks.  Talking to him and his wife, they care about those dogs as if they were their children WIN or LOSE.  Actually he joked with me on FB the other day after a race and I quote “xxxxxx looks one step closer to my couch” (name left out to protect the owner).  I saw trainers and others at the track who work with the dogs, the ones whose livelihood is in jeopardy thanks to the lies and fraud of a certain organization, there was nothing but love and affection for the dogs in their care.  I saw people with kids coming into the track.  In the afternoon, i stopped to talk with a few from out of state who expressed their anger that someone would try to close this all down.  After the rally I went back into the track to meet the adoption people there.  One of their adopters brought their grey they had adopted a few weeks earlier.  There were about 5 of us around her trying to pet and kiss her, she had her tail REALLY tucked between her legs.  Then there was a gentleman standing behind us, the owner steered her around to the gentleman.  She IMMEDIATELY went from tuck tail to almost helicopter tail.  I knew but had to ask anyway “Was that her trainer here?”  I think we all know the answer. Another activist lie about greyhound abuse.  What did I see as I left?  Several families with small children coming in and walking from the parking lot into the grandstand.  I know they weren’t there for the poker tables.