The Cocaine “Problem”

The Cocaine “Scandal”


We hear a lot from the Grey2k liars PETA etc that greyhounds are mistreated.  I am one that generally wants to see evidence before following a politician, belief, or any kind of argument.  The followers of Jim Jones didn’t, and look what happened to them.  Sometimes you have to consider the source.  A lobbying organization such as Grey2k has no experts.  They believe in something and just keep pumping out propaganda with no evidence.  Take the reports of cocaine in dogs and their “CLAIM” of abuse.  I saw no one but Mr. Theil spouting “facts” out of context.  Last time I looked, he was NOT a DR or Toxicologist for that matter, yet he has held himself out to be an expert in the cocaine fiasco.  WELL here is a real live Toxicologist with credentials and his OPINION in this article:

Scott Stanley, a toxicologist with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, told First Coast News that “there are no studies performed by reliable research investigators” showing that cocaine enhances a dog’s performance. If anything, exposure to cocaine in dogs can lead to seizures, rapid heartbeat, and elevated blood pressure, among other behavioral anomalies. According to one veterinary text, “Any amount of cocaine in a companion animal may result in toxicosis.

In the above link the ASPCA says: An animal may develop signs of cocaine toxicosis in as little as 30 minutes after exposure. Animals often present initially with CNS excitement (i.e., hyperactivity, erratic behavior, seizures). Other signs may include vomiting, hypersalivation, hyperthermia, tachyarrhythmias, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and death. After the initial signs have subsided, pulmonary edema or pneumonia may develop.1,2

REFERENCES 1. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Case Database: Unpublished data, Urbana, IL, 1998–2003. 2. POISINDEX editorial staff: Cocaine (toxicologic managements), in Rumack BH, Hurlbut KM, Waksman J, et al (eds): POISINDEX System, vol 116. Englewood, CO, Micromedex (expires 6/03).

From the snips from EXPERTS above, seems like giving cocaine to a greyhound is a very BAD idea and has no performance enhancing qualities.  Actually it seems like a hound if acting erratically may not chase the lure, run erratically on the track etc, you get the point.  Also if this appears in as little as 30 minutes atfer ingestion, wouldn’t any symtoms manifest itself before the race starts?  As I point out in the home page here, I am not an expert on racing.  I assume they come from the kennel, get handed to the track people that parade them out to the box, then put in box.  I had thought I had seen that this is a more than 30 minute process, but I could be wrong.

Remember JIM JONES, it is BAD to blindly follow.

Now here is the Grey2k “EXPERT” Carey Theil (What flavor Kool Aid do you like to give your donors?)

The Jacksonville scandal is easily the “biggest greyhound drug case in American history,” Carey Theil, executive director of industry watchdog group, Grey2k, told The Washington Post. This is the second cocaine testing to rock Florida’s dog tracks this year, fitting into larger pattern of increased cocaine across the sport, Theil explained.  “It’s deeply disturbing,” Theil told the Post. “And the fact that we’re seeing this over and over again indicates the industry has a drug problem.”

WHERE ARE YOUR CREDENTIALS TO MAKE THIS STATEMENT CAREY?  Right, you have none.  You have nothing that can honestly discredit Scott Stanley or the ASPCA article.

Maybe you should change your name to JIM JONES.  You and your followers are that stupid.


The Greyhound Industry has a Cocaine Problem, But it Ain’t Cocaine

So, I decdied to do a little research on the supposed cocaine problem as present by one blowhard from Grey2k named Carey Theil.  This guy has NO credentials to make the statements above, especially and I QUOTE “ “And the fact that we’re seeing this over and over again indicates the industry has a drug problem.”.  Jesus H Christ Carey, are you that freaking stupid?????  CAN YOU DO SIMPLE MATH?  I didn’t think you could based on your dumbassed statements, so, I did the work for you (seems like a recurring theme as you and your wife ripoff 106K plus per year off your donors).  I took the liberty of downloading and ACTUALLY READING the drug tests of the Greyhounds since 2007.  They also contained the horse statistics, but I won’t post them here, but on the surface appear worse than the greyhound industry.  Since you have a problem with the facts, I will post them for you here.  First a little primer, please keep in mind I am not a cocaine expert, I have never used the drug, and I make no statement that I am an expert in any kind of field related to this topic.  What I am good at (and I am good at many things) is MATH.  And to your dismay Carey, MATH DOES NOT and CAN NOT LIE.

The greyhounds are tested for many things, but we are talking cocaine here so the samples from the greyhounds are sent to the University of Florida College of Medicine Racing Lab.  The test looking for cocaine is for Benzoylecgonine.  From Wiki here is the definition of Benzoylecgonine : Chemically, benzoylecgonine is the benzoate ester of ecgonine. It is a primary metabolite of cocaine.[1]  Here is the link to the page if you want to read further

Like I said above, I took the liberty of downloading all the reports from the Florida Deapartment of Business and Professional Regulation as these reports contain the number of positives from the UF labs urine samples from the dogs.  There is no ifs, ands, or buts to this, the DPBR and the numbers do not LIE.  But when you look at the numbers I am about to post below,


The fraking problem is with the liars and cheaters at GREY2K, yes YOU Carey & Christine. (Notice the font, COMIC Sans, so appropriate)

Lets look at the most recent annual report which is 2015-2016.  The UF lab got enough urine to do 39,031 samples (thats alot of doggie pee).  So how many came back positive for Benzoylecgonine ???  THREE YES 3.  Lets do the math(well i tried but the calculator broke), so lets put this into perspective 3/39031, 1/100th of 1% would be 4.  So less than 1/100th of 1% (thats .0001) tested positive.  WTF, you call less than ONE ONE HUNDRETH OF ONE PERCENT A PROBLEM?  Dude, you need to get your ass back in the classroom because you can’t even do BASIC MATH.  In my work I call that dumbassedness.  Lets look at the prior years because this jackwagon (Carey Theil) claims this was an increasing problem.  Here are the stats for previous years:


Positive   Samples

2015-2016   3   39,031  Less then 1/100th of 1 percent .0001
2014-2015   3   30,340  About 1/100th of 1 percent      .0001
2013-2014   5   43,631  Less then 1/100th of 1 percent   .0001
2012-2013   2   48,184  Less then 1/100th of 1 percent   .0001
2011-2012   2   48,741  Less then 1/100th of 1 percent   .0001
2010-2011   6   51,151  One positive over 1/100th of 1 percent  .00017
2009-2010   3   58,095  Less then 1/100th of 1 percent .00005                         2008-2009   2   54,942  Less then 1/100th of 1 percent  .0001
2007-2008   8   29,320  Less than 3/100th of 1 percent  .0003


 You morons at Grey2k REALLY have a hard time telling the truth and FACTS.

You guys are haulin in 106K plus God knows the hidden expenses and trips and you cant even do basic freaking math.  How pathetic are you and the idiot Fred Barton?  Your donors are more pathetic for following your lies and deceit(1) like a Jim Jones cult.  You guys must have many flavors of Kool Aid. 

I know this is speculation as the 2016-2017 is not out or I am dumb and could not find it, but lets have some fun with math.  One article had 12 dogs testing positive and another 22.  Lets assume that there were the same number of tests as last year 39,031 and 50 were positive, thats slightly higher than 1/10th of 1 percent (.00128). 

From what I have seen on the web (this is not my opinion, IT IS POSSIBLY NOT FACT) but there was a CNN report that cocaine could be transferred from a dollar bill to a human.  So could a trainer doing coke pass it to the dog?  I don’t know.  I also read the levels of Benzoylecgonine were not enough to make a human test positive.  Again, I am not a scientist nor do I know what the levels were that were found (if anyone can point me in that direction, please contact me and direct me where I can get the info).

In summary, yes there is a problem, it is with Grey2K and the idiots that “work” there, and yes they work there full time ripping off and living off their donors (Thats a FACT from their tax returns).

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