Grey2K The tax Return

Please download from the link below and follow the bouncing ball.

Follow along with me now, it is not hard.  The lie starts on line 1 and I quote ” GREY2K USA WORLDWIDE work to pass stronger greyhound protection laws and to end the cruelty of dog racing through the legislative process.  We also promote the rescue and adoption of ex-racing greyhounds”

FIRST LIE – You do not PROMOTE anything near rescue and adoption of Greyhounds.  Let’s see, in 2016 on page 22 of 27 of your form 990 you gave $5,889 as “donations to adoption groups.  Hmmmm, you took in how much in donations etc???? Ah yes, page 1 line 8 $594,553.  Ohhhh lets do the math.  $5889/$594553 is DRUMROLL PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

.009904 percent of donations.  NOT EVEN TECHNICALLY 1%.  9/10th of one percent.

Hmmmmm, Last time I checked, lying to the IRS was a FELONY.




Lets look at Page 1 Line 15 Salaries, Other Compensation, Employee Benefits.

They spent $251,610 on Salaries and other compensation.  Lets see, on Income of $596,774 that is a whopping 42.1% of their donations.

This number increased by almost $15,000 even though they took in roughly $11,000 LESS in donations than the previous year.  Bloated PIG much?

The two lovebirds that run this thing take $106,000 per year in salary (53K each).  So where does the other $148K go and to whom?  They paid $20K in payroll taxes

so that still leaves $128K.  Where did that go?  It is not disclosed and I have an email in to the IRS to see if legally they have to disclose it.  If not required, maybe they want to disclose it here?  I am more than willing to take and publish a VALID explanation.  But as it stands this “organization” which is tax exempt, appears to be the Dorchak/Theil Personal Piggy Bank.  More on that in a later part.

So 42% of their income goes to pay themselves and others, there is no other explanation here.  Salaries and compensation are paid to people.  There is no explanation or fudging the numbers here.

42 cents of every donator dollar goes to pay someone running or connected to this “Organization”.

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