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We are fighting against animal activists that are spreading fear, lies, misinformation, and committing fraud to push their agenda to eliminate Greyhound racing here in FL and other states & countries.

Here is what they did in MA

The founder is a fraud who goes around telling a story of a horrific “accident” she had.  She tells the story in detail to pull on peoples heart strings to get them to donate $$$, one problem though, in sworn court testimony, she says she has “No memory” of the accident.

She and her organization steal photos from the internet, promote lies to vilify the racing industry, and plain twist the truth to fit their agenda.  They are doing it here in Florida, just like they did in MA.  They have bought a few of our politicians who have taken their $$$ to promote their agenda and do not answer to their citizens.

To learn the REAL stories behind the racing industry, check out these videos, unedited, and behind the scenes.  


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