Exposing their scam to use lies and defamation to raise $$$
Their leader Christine Dorchak is a proven LIAR and a FRAUD.  She denies it so we will say she allegedly tried to commit suicide by walking in the path of a Boston commuter train in 1992.  She was subsequently hit by what she described as a "two speeding trains" (it would later be proven in court that it was one train going 10MPH).  She loves to spread her accident story about how during her long recovery period she had an "epiphany" to save dogs.  Her "epiphany" was nothing more than an idea to never have to work and bilk thousands of unsuspecting donors out of their hard earned money by telling this FAKE accident story to pull on peoples hearts to donate.  How do we know that you ask?  She tried to sue the train operator and SHE was found at fault for the accident and cited for TRESPASSING.  Take a look at her own court testimony UNDER OATH which proves she is a liar and an Attorney no less with no character.
Ms. Dorchak's admission in court "As a result of the accident, I was knocked unconscious and have no memory of any of the events that day."
Lying about her accident to get donations in the Christian Science Monitor no less.  This is from
their web site.  How could any of this story be
true if she was in her own testimony UNDER
OATH was:
"knocked unconscious and have no memory of any of the events that day."
Need more evidence that Ms. Dorchak has no character?  Read who paid for her Law School.  The very same people she would stab in the back years later. 


Grey2K is now trying to twist a truth into a lie. It is Grey2K that is saying the low dosage of testosterone is causing the hooded vulva not a veterinarian. Jennifer never said it was common only among greyhounds, Grey2K is saying that.

If you Google hooded vulva you will see this.

Hypoplastic vulva (aka “recessed” or “juvenile” vulva) is common condition of canine conformation in which the vulva is at least partially engulfed by the skin folds that surround it. Spayed female dogs are predisposed. ... The extra skin folds in these patients act like a dam, thereby collecting urine.

Those couple of sentences say nothing about this condition being exclusive to greyhounds and neither did Jennifer Newcome. If anything those couple of sentences show that Grey2K is the one that is lying. all female dogs, especially medium and large females, are prone to a hooded vulva. Since female greyhounds are given a state approved low dose of testosterone and no other breed of dog is given a low dose of testosterone. Maybe Grey2K can explain how females of all breeds can get a hooded vulva?

If you want to have a discussion about greyhounds and what makes them tick you better talk to Jennifer Newcome not Grey2K. If you want to know how to get donations from people you better talk to Grey2K. My guess is Jennifer Newcome not only wouldn't want to get donations from you, but she wouldn't want to even if she did.
Welcome to another age old LIE told by the terrorists at Grey2k backed up by nothing more than an idiot at a keyboard.  


Same LIES, Different States

Grey2k Does it AGAIN